The Thailand experience

The sweet escape was a bittersweet mix between intense dancing joy, and ambushes of depressive realitychecks.
The time up north was unfortunately quite depressing overall, but considering that it was the last place me and my ex had spent our last holiday.... Let's just say that I saw it coming. However, it was really nice to spend some time with the lost family. Drinking, eating and driving around together... Sometimes I wonder if it'd be the same if we met more frequently. One will never know.
And then we went south.
Oh Pha-ngan. This place grows closer and closer to me. Especially with this visit where we actually hung out like/with locals. Met my maltese party crew up and oh my god, the first 4 days was just a hurricane of FUN. We danced, we drank, we had liquid love and we laughed. Danced til dawn, and welcomed the sun back up in the morning; bliss. Obviously, a downhill had to come. After a 53h dance-binge, my time was up. I walked through the jungle high as a kite, made it home and slept for 13h straight. 
The next 4-5 days was detox times. Wasn't feeling too well, which was understandable after drinking and dancing in the heat for days, barely touching food. Spent those days just taking care of myself.. Eating, beaching and resting. A lot. I was surprised that I didn't feel like partying again for so long; normally I would struggle to stay clean already after 2 or 3 days. There's something differnt about Thailand... My urge to drink does barely exist over here. It's not difficult to stay sober. Throw me back in Malta, and I'll be drawn to the bars like a fly to the light. I don't know what Malta does to me, but I turn into a complete crazy dancing alcoholic panda there. I wonder if I'll ever understand why. 
So, I was the last one to leave this beautiful, spiritual little island, and headed up to Bangkok where I would spend 1,5 days in wait for the flight back to my mediterranean home. Spent those days with my mother and cousin, wishing I'd stayed a bit longer... But the tickets were already booked. How foolish of me. This sudden family time was unexpected. If I'd known, I'd stayed another week. It's not like I've got a deadline to get back this time...
Oh yeah. I have to figure out what I want to do when I get back since Gochi closed. I've got a few options. Let's spend those 15 flight hours with that.


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