Harakiri sausage challenge

Spontaneously booked a ticket to Sweden while sunbathing on the beach in Malta. Went from 35+ degrees to rain and grey clouds. I don't really know how I was thinking really.

In any case, I'm here in Stockholm for a little while before I go down to Gothenburg to hug people. So while here, it was time to try out the infamous harakiri challenge.

The challenge consist of a spicy sausage with bread (said to be the spiciest in the world, but I doubt very much they've been to Mexico).  You're not allowed to put ketchup or any other topping except for the super hot chili sauce that comes with it. Then you have 5 minutes to chug and keep it down. Most people apparently experience stomach cramps at this stage. He other guy trying it after me vomited. Did I mention that you need to wear latex gloves?

If you are a pale Swedish type that's never left the country, I understand this thing of evil would kill you. But as a world-traveling food freak with Thai blood, this wasn't even giving me the sweats. I ate the whole thing in 3 min, had no stomach pains or problems with the toilet after. You goddamn swedish pussies

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