Cooperation between sisters

This is a painting me and my sister did together. It doesn't look so much as us, but hey, my sister is
eleven years old and I suck at painting.. Drawing is more my thing. I have more control with pens :)

Weekend in Örebro

I spent the weekend in Örebro! It was a really long time ago, so I felt that this was a great oppertunity due to the festival.
We went to Virus bar (both friday and saturday) and to a drug-free festival Yeah! in Örebro. Virus had beer for 25:- each!
Soooo lovely!
Me and Sara at Yeah!

With Fabian and randoms at Virus



For those who wonder how I looked on my prom:

It wasn't a easy task to walk around in theese shoes for a whole evening. The first 6 hours was okay, but it started to hurt more and more in my toes after that.. and eventually, I had to take them off. But hey, I still wore them longer than someone else there would've managed!

Anyways, the prom was nice and everydoby was soo beautiful (well, maybe not in face, but at least the dresses). I had a really nice time even though I looked like a superwoman fråm Justice Leauge in my short dress haha. It was the only one at the whole prom which ended above the knees.. And I even was the only one, not surprisingly, with stones attached on my face. Lol

New corset and graduation

It's been a while since I last wrote here. Right now, I just wanted to show my new corset I bought
of Ellem. It's lovely, maybe some inches too big, but I guess I'll just have to gain some weight then :P

The graduation is running towards me and I don't feel ready for it at all! What the hell am I suppposed to do afterwards? Ok, I have plans for the coming summer and autumn, but after that? I finally understood that I don't want to work in a restaurant kitchen, wich is quite funny because I now graduate after three years in a restaurant school XD

I don't regret anything though. Theese years in school have been fun, and I've learned a lot about
thing's I'm actually intrested in. I doubt that any other school would fit me more than this ♥

I admit, it's a crappy pic but what the hell. It's my friends phone camera

Little more about Paris

Came home from Paris 30 of May. It was lovely and I totally fell in love with the restaurant school Ceproc we visited! ♥
I've been thinking about taking a intensiv course in français but I don't know when I would have time for that. The whole summer is full with festivals and events like that, but well, my life doesn't end afterwards so I'll have plenty of time..

Paris, non, France, wait for me ♥

Pic1: Outside Moulin rouge. Pic2: In Ceproc


I just ordered shoes from LOVELY!! I've been longing for theese for a looong time
and.. Finally! I'm going to use them for my graduation, they'll match my dress looovely. Oh, shoes

I came back from Paris yesterday and started drinking almost instantly when I got home.. But gash, it's the special occasion ''valborg'', so why not? The trip to France was lovely and I met wonderful people. And I fell in love with the school I visited! Ceproc was the name. Omg, have to go back to Paris again..

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