This is..

..why I refuse to get a dishwasher.

Final Fantasy IX

Well-well. Just when I thought I would get to be more active here on this blog, I visited a friend in Gbg and bought his Final Fantasy IX. Baaaad decision, if we're talking about me connecting to the world overall. The only thing I do now, is just sitting in my couch, playing that bloody game. Non-stop. My life is at hiatus now. But damn, it feels so mattafakking goooooood. And nostalgic, I used to play this when I was around 12

Seems like I finally became a real asian haha. I seriously wish it never
ends ;_; Vivi is my belooooved little baby. Which character is yours?


Blue heart and grey days

Här har vi lite utställningsmaterial. Som att ni inte sett det förut, tsss

Latex peek

Here's a part of the latex set from Westward bound. Too bad only my boobs was showing..
so I did blur the image, so peeps don't focus too much on those. Gah. Wish I'd longer arms

And no, I don't mean that you guys can actually see the whole breast with nipples
and so, but the cleavage was enormous and not neccessary to have in the pic.

A friday night

Just did my first tattoo with shadows! And discovered that I'm better onfree-handed
stuff than when I tattoo with stencils.
Exactly like my drawings. My hands can't be
tamed v___v But I still need more practise, as u see


I feel quite bad for not have showing you my newest drawings. Therefore:
Here you go! They're not finished, as usual, but it's at least new material :)

More drawings coming up!

I finally got my new camera! So I'll be posting more picture of my drawings soon. Happyface!

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