I hadn't planned on going out partying at all this night, but fate forced me out... I had to rush
coming up with an halloween outfit so I just did something with my makeup (eyeliner and
I didn't even change clothes :) But I think it ended up quite good after all!

I've danced like never before this year. And it was totally lovely! Except for the fact that I couldn't
breathe after every ten minutes, but it was soo worth it. Damn my body to still be sick and weak...

After party's closed.


Here's some sketches I drew when I was waiting in Westfield Stratford centrum
for Tora to finish work. I only used a pencil, no stompfers or other tools at all.

I'm actually really happy with them, especially the one to the right.
I think she resembles a little bit of Kaya Scodelario (Effy in Skins UK)

The London disease

Well yes, I'm home from London now... The last day at the airport was horrible and unbeliveable stressful. Everything went wrong, the bus was late so I missed the booked flight at security check and had to buy a new one for 2000:-, then the printers didn't work when I came near and nobody at the airport seemed to have time to help me (am I THAT ugly?!). I started to cough up blood and my voice almost disapeared. Then the time ran out and I had to pay 400:- to get my ticket and then my hand luggage was too fat so I had to throw things out and it was all a mess and in the rush, I forgot my phone at the gate...... The first ting i did when I arrived was to loose my wallet (as well 500:-) in the plane, and at the end my phone. London really wanted me to stay, and so did I (if I didn't love Emil this much, I would've been staying fersure).

... and if that wasn't enough for u guys, I can tell u that I fell into a coma-like state even before I reached home from the airport. My whole body was hurting, I coughed and coughed and it felt like my throat was on fire, I got headache and I basically slept between sunday 01.00 - thuesday 14.00. Didn't went up from bed under that period at all (ok, ONE time for toilet), and couldn't eat. My body had totally fallen apart from the stress and physical sickness haha. Just my luck...

Anyways, I'm home now, and I've got medicine and slept reaally much so I think I'm starting to feel better now. Maybe I can eat like normal again soon. I hope, bcuz I miss food so much... And i'm starting to get fed up with the slimy green broccoli and green pea-soup I've been living on...

It's almost two (or was it one?) years ago we took this pic! Autumn there aswell

Spring 2011

My hair after the prom, after party and a nights sleep.
And I had no hair products in it, just curled it. Goddamn..

0.5 Fineliner

Found a lot of old drawings from the time when I only drew with fineliner, and was eager to try
again. So I went and bought me a new, nice 0.5 fineliner and drew this while Emil got tattooed.

Regret a little that I covered the eyes, but it's a bit late thinking now..
That's a minus, I can at least erase with a ordinary graphite pencil. Bah

Pics pics

I've finally got the pictures from the last shoot with dear Mr Schwartz. It turned out quite good
even though I forgot all poses I knew in front of the camera haha... Why, oh why. But well.

I got some pics I wanted to edit myself, working with that now. I actually feel quite nervous about
editing someone else's pic, it feels like I'm going to insult the photographer if I don't do it good
enough.. Bah. Here's one pic with my dearest Emil, right after I've taken the latex off me.

Picture by Joacim Schwartz

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