Tanusaurs tummy

My tummy is hurting like hell and has been since last night.. I was twisting around like a worm and moaning due to all the pain. It was unbearable! I seriously thought I was going to die. It felt like my stomach had burst and that everything inside my tummy was floating around inside to cause paaaaaiiiinnn. I've never felt something like this before (at least not as I can recall).

And now, today, it still hurts as hell and my tummy is all blown up. It's a little bit better though, I can at least force myself to move now. I look like those poor, starving children in Africa.. I've been afraid to eat the whole morning and finally tried to eat a can of tuna and a full-rye sandwich at lunch, wich just resulted in worser tummy pains. I've been sitting in the exactly same position now ever since lunch, and it actually feels a bit better. Dunno how it'll be when I start moving again though.. Or eat.

I'm going to eat broccoli soup around 5-6 o'clock again. If my stomach reacts like it
did to the lunch, I'll call the hospital and fly there. I seriously can't stand this anymore.

My wonderful friend Matte did this piture to cheer me up. You're so cute, dear

Metaltown and new adores

I have new drawings to show you guys, a couple actually, but I haven't had a chance
to put them up on internet yet. I need my own computor to do that... Or just a SD thingy.

Whatever, I went to Gothenburg last weekend and entered Metaltown festival without even realizing it myself. I had no plans of going there? What happened? I missed lots of band I wanted to see due to the rain and overall bad weather, but I saw at least System Of A Down and Parkway Drive (I don't even like them, but I saw them.. from the beer tent...). Anyways, I'll show you what I've found and made to my boyfriend lately!

You'll have to guess which one of them by yourselves though..
Maybe I'll upload a better picture in the future. Or, okay. I probably will.

Flight to Alanya - Turkey!

I spontaneously boooked a flight to Alanya in Turkey yesterday. So.. I'll be going there with my best friend Tora tomorrow! Too bad Adam couldn't follow though, stupid him. It's actually the first time I booked a flight by myself, and I'm reeeaaally nervous about how I'm gonna handle things as hotel/transfer/language problems or something in that style. I'm so afraid of conflicts, haha.. But I think it'll be good. I mean, it's not the first time I'm traveling. I'll manage somehow.

The thing I'm most afraid of is actually all theese people who tries to drag you in to their shop/restaurant. I'm really bad at saying right and straight NO to people, at least when we're abroad, and I feel that that can be a problem.. But We'll just have to see I guess.

And holy mother of god, I reeeaaally hope I won't see any spiders. Dear spiders, please begone..

This is the hotel we're gonna stay at. I paid 1700:- each for one week, including flight, apartment, internet and transfer bus. We rented a apartment with two rooms and a balcony, freakin' AWESOME! Especially for that price! It's even a bar at the pool and a restaurant downstairs, and it's in the middle of town too. Hell-fucking-hell yeah

Theese ignorant people

I saw a comment that made me quite irritated: ''Lust to draw is sitting down and
concentrate and decide to do it immediatly.''
My answer to that is... BULLSHIT

Art is nothing that can be forced out through my fingers. People who doesn't understand that will never, never understand my art, or at least my process to create it. It's not to sit fucking down and concentrate, I have to feel it in my mind, through my fingers, out from the pen and to the paper. Art is nothing that can be created by force, not the way I create it at least. Sitting down and concentrate will not help me if I don't feel anything.

They're all fragments of myself, even if they don't always express anything.

Lust to draw, where are you?

I haven't been able to draw at all the last three months. I'm not sure of it, but I actually think I know a reason.. 
Anyways, I've at least tried sometimes, and here's a sneakpeak of the only two drawings I've been doing since.


I graduated from 12 years in school this week. It feels scary and not real at all, but I guess I'll feel more of it
when everybody else's starting school again in autumn. And I don't. Gah. But this is just normal feelings.. I guess.

Anyways, it all was lovely and filled with feelings from classmates and self. Ok, I didn't cry, but I wanted to! I felt quite much, but it never came up to my eyes. I mean, when you're used to meeting classmates whom you love five days a week, and then suddenly - BAM! No more meeting as usual. Everyone is spreading over the country and here I am, still here in this small village, forced to be reminded by everything I see. Gah, silly silly me.

I'll never forget you guys, lovely, crazy Hr3 ♥

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