Soon off abroad!

Ohmygod, Tora arrived to Hällefors today, and it's soon time to move our asses to MALTA!!

Randomly self-figuring.. figs

Oh hai, I've actually been drawing alot theese... 2-3 last days! : D I've finished a
portrait and one random-drawing that I didn't put too much focus on.. But it turned
out pretty good anyways, It's a gift u see. And yeah, it's some kind of.... me. hrm

Drunken master tattoing

WELL.... it's maybe not an good idea to combine alcohol and a tattoo machine, but my practice subject happened to be with us for once in a loooooooooong while and it was just right. It ended up everyone tattoing everyone, butts here, ankles there, screams, but I luckily got the best of it in a video on facebook :)

I tried to make serious ones while the others just played around, but they're not especially talented either of them :P But I noticed I'm gonna need LOTS AND LOTS of practice. It just doesn't really turn out aswell as with paper and pens, and the eraser option isn't there.. But well. Gotta train I guess

Capital Cupcake

This cupcake was supposed to have a baby blue frosting on top but it didn't turn out really well so I just made something to take a photograph.. The importance wasn't in the taste even if it actually was delicious ;) I've been baking like crazy this two last days, for the sake of nice photographs. I got a few nice pics but I could have done things better.. Always striving after the perfect, I guess I'll never feel happy about something I create :P

Anyways, going to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm today! Have an job interview for a job in Greece on sunday and plan to chill out and enjoy the ol' sthlm as much as possible until then. Maybe a trip to the cinema or an evening on a nice restaurant. I'll manage somehow.

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