Drawing: Love

I want to show u guys this one before I start off with all the new ones:
Seems like I'm finally getting some of the inspiration back! Hooray!

Wishlist from Prinsessankawaii.se

I found this webshop last month, and even though the name really wasn't my style, I totally fell for most
of the clothes in there. Holy hell, I fell so hard! I really don't know what's going on with my sense of style...

One day I want cute babydollclothes and on another day I want clothes as a typical synth/industrial electrogoth and on the third day I want to dress up as a boho chic a'la MK Olsen. It's mostly ending up with something between everything, so I just look wierd really

Anyway: Here's a link to the webshop I found. Hope u guys enjoy it as well as I did
http://prinsessankawaii.se (Gott folk. Detta är min önskelista ifrån webshopen. Köpköpköp)

Ok, det var väl lite väl stundens hetta med björndressen längst ner, men mina
absoluta favoriter är döskalletröjan och den röda klänningen så jatack ni älskar mig ne?


No time

I've been quite bad with the drawing last months, don't really have time as before. And when I finally have time, all inspiration just flies away and how much I try, it don't end up as I want. I know that it's coming back, I just want it to be soon :(

This picture is already done, but I haven't taken a proper picture to show u guys yet haha..

Double Bday

Pic from Mamis bday (5th nov), and five days after that It was my turn. It was a lovely
evening filled with chocolate balls, carrot cupcakes, chocolate cake, cinnamon
and coffee combined with guitar hero and four of my lovely little boys

..and it's just repeat today again: but a even bigger one. More peeps is
coming today, it's weekend, so I just have to bake some more now!

The Pizza-master

I brist på annat bjuder jag på två gamla pics på Tanu,
The pizzamaster iklädd sin underbara kökshandduk:

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