Cat, watch out. Your firstplace is threatened

I've found a rival to Cat for the ''hottest person in the world, Tanu's list''. I've known about
this person for a looong time, he's a gay character in my favourite series Skins, but I've
never actually thought of how hot he is. Until now.... SHITMYGOD how could I miss this?

OMGGGGGG. I'm getting shivers all over my body. Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Maxxie
Maxxie Maxxie (or well, his real name it Mitch Hewer, and he lives in UK ♥)

Omg, HOLY MOTHER OF MOZART, MHM, I'M LOOOOSING IT! It's absolutely amazing how
two people can create something that goes beyond perfection like this!! PPPPRRRRR AAAHHH ♥ 

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