The loss of whatever talents there was

I think I'm losing my talents. I used to be so good at drawing, dancing, instruments, but now, in the abscence of practice, I feel like theese things are withering away. Sure, I'm refining my cooking skills 300% by doing it for a living, but sometimes, I can't help to feel that I would gladly exchange a few percent of those to, mostly, drawing. God, I know this is just another thing in life one's gotta cope with, but I can't help myself to get stuck and whine every now and then.

So, today, I tried to draw again. I lost the flow. Nothing that came out from the pen felt natural anymore. Either this is a 'paus', or it's never coming back again. I've got masterpieces stuck in my head, but not the skills to portrait them correctly. Artistically speaking, it's difficult to stay positive when nothing feels right.

Rainy days

Spent the half day off doodling around with my fineliner. Long time no see darlings 

Randomly self-figuring.. figs

Oh hai, I've actually been drawing alot theese... 2-3 last days! : D I've finished a
portrait and one random-drawing that I didn't put too much focus on.. But it turned
out pretty good anyways, It's a gift u see. And yeah, it's some kind of.... me. hrm


And yet again, I got bored of the horned girl aside and continued to draw on a old sketch. I don't have
big hopes for this one to be alike the original since it's made quite a while ago, but I try anyways.

Care to guess who it is?

New Old Drawing

So, I tossed the lovesick girl away and started to draw on this one instead. It's not like it's new
or something, it's been hangin around in my portfolio but I thought it was time to give it life.

I have no clue on which style I'll use to the hair, but we'll see. I'm not really in a 'drawing
period' right now, so u'll probably not see this pic in a while haha.. But you never know.

work in progress

And so, here's the newest drawing. I've used both fineliners and blacklead pens but I'm kinda stuck now.
I'm not used with using colors in my drawings at all, but I can't think of something else to give the hair life.

If I know myself right, I'll probably put the drawing in my portfolio and
try to finish one of the other sketches. Oh goodbye you lovesick girl.

The child of a lovesick mind

Used the saturday night to sit down with some rum and ultrablue music and began to draw
a new picture. I'm using a new technique to draw the hair, we'll see how that turns out.

Finally: The flower girl

I slapped myself in the face and finished the flower girl drawing yesterday evening. It turned
out pretty nice, but I'm still curious of the flowers - should I put one more in the right corner?

Mostly done with 2B-8B pens. Needs to practise contrasts..

January Inspo

Here's some inspo for you guys to look at while I'm trying to finish my flower girl drawing :')


It's not much left to do on this drawing, just some flowers
and the final touch. I hope to do it today, so stay tuned..

Junko Mizuno

I ordered two Junko Mizuno books today! I've really been longing for this. I ordered Cinderalla
and Princess Mermaid. I reeaaaally love her style, it's psychadelic, detailed and freakin awesome.

Cats and flowers

Sorry for uploading the pic so late, I just forgot.

Anyways. Here's the result of yesterday, I did finish one drawing and did some flowers on the other.
I'm not really happy about the drawing to the right, but I think the left one will turn out really nice..

draw drew drew

Nah, screw my left arm, I'm going to draw now
anyways. Can't let my arty side die yet, can we?

I'll show u the result of today tomorrow, finished or not. 

Audrey Tatou

Good day fellas. Sorry for not uploading the last portrait yet, I've been to the hospital and some food shopping and... ok. I've just been lazy, I've actually had a couple of hours both today and yesterday to do it on but I didn't. Don't hang me, I'm just human..

But well, here's finally the portrait. Someone guessed right, I've tried to draw Audrey Tatou! Mostly known as ''Amelie
from Montmartre''. I loooove her looks so I just had to draw her.. But I hope I've improved next time, I really do.

I've used my pencil set (8B-2H pens), stompfs and tops :) Here comes some closeups too

Guess who?

I've been telling myself to draw at least one hour per day, and it has surprisingly worked well! I've been drawing every day (except this day, but I've been on a trip whole day), and it has paid off in four done drawings! One each day. I still need a scanner to insert the textes I want in the pictures, but that lies in the future. 

This is the latest portrait I've done. As u see, I've been a pussy
when it comes to dark shadings.. I doesn't dare to shade much
yet. But I'll train! Really want's to get better on portraits (!)

Can u guys maybe see who's on the portrait?
yes, I will show u the whole portrait soon.

behind success lies sacrifice

Trying to finish off old works. This one will probably be transferred on a t-shirt or a vest, I dunno why but I think it would fit really well on clothes. I just have to buy a good scanner and put a nice quote below the drawing, bcuz I suck at drawing fonts...
Well, I have a nice quote ready at least

Bday portrait

I have actually been drawing for two days now, that's quite a good start on the new year! I didn't finish
much (or anything?) at all during 2011, shame on me. Hope that 2012 will be a better drawing-year.

Anyways, this was kind of a work of haste. My friend's bday was today, and I decided to draw a picture to her, around three hours before visiting her. I choose one pic from when she was young, but it didn't really turn out as it was supposed to.. It doesn't look like her at all, but it's still a nice picture. 

I really have to improve my portrait skills though.. They are rarely alike the original :(

drawing: Tora und Tanya

Here's a drawing I did for my dear friend Tora when I visited her in London
in october! It's all fineliner. I've probably already shown u guys, but anyways..


I finally got my thumb out from my ass and managed to draw something. I feel so bad whenever I look at great artists who can draw identical portraits, so I decided to give it a try.

I can tell you, portrait's not really my thing... I totally understand if u can't figure out who I'm trying too draw on the picture below. I manage to make the portrait look good, but it doesn't resemble the original picture that much at all haha....... /cut. But well, it'll look better with some shadows on, that is just a sketch really

Finally got my art stuff!!!!!!

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