Culinary arts does count

I haven't drawn much at all tha last week (or more?). The last time I drew was on that portrait, but I don't know, I haven't felt for picking up the pens at all lately. I feel that I should, but I just don't feel for it. It's not a permanent feeling, god no, I'm just in a period where I feel like creating culinary stuff instead. It can turn again in a couple of hours.

I'm thinking of making a chocolate tart today, but I don't know - it feels so pointless to just do it without purpose, without someone to give it to or a special occasion. At times as this, I really wish I lived in the same town as my friends.

Here's a randomly picked pic from when I made mini-tacopies from leftovers

Just them cats

While waiting for the travel times to start, I give u the most interesting
moment of yesterday: Katla goes Yoda and Kirke holds a fork.


And yet again, I got bored of the horned girl aside and continued to draw on a old sketch. I don't have
big hopes for this one to be alike the original since it's made quite a while ago, but I try anyways.

Care to guess who it is?

Chocolate chip cookies and Lemon curd

Had terrible cravings after something sweet one evening that I decided to bake something. It ended up with my first time ever making chocolate chip cookies and lemon curd. The lemon curd wasn't really what I'm used to, good but not really how I want  lemon curd to be so I'll just have to try other recipes until I find the right.

The cookies was highly appreciated by my bf at least :)

New Old Drawing

So, I tossed the lovesick girl away and started to draw on this one instead. It's not like it's new
or something, it's been hangin around in my portfolio but I thought it was time to give it life.

I have no clue on which style I'll use to the hair, but we'll see. I'm not really in a 'drawing
period' right now, so u'll probably not see this pic in a while haha.. But you never know.

work in progress

And so, here's the newest drawing. I've used both fineliners and blacklead pens but I'm kinda stuck now.
I'm not used with using colors in my drawings at all, but I can't think of something else to give the hair life.

If I know myself right, I'll probably put the drawing in my portfolio and
try to finish one of the other sketches. Oh goodbye you lovesick girl.

Food-shopping for fatties

Don't have any interesting work in progress-pics to show you yet, so you'll have to bear
with this totally irrelevant information. Theese pics shows what I bought last time I was in
Karlskoga and did ''the big foodshopping''. It's looks crazy for only two persons, I know.....

The child of a lovesick mind

Used the saturday night to sit down with some rum and ultrablue music and began to draw
a new picture. I'm using a new technique to draw the hair, we'll see how that turns out.

Finally: The flower girl

I slapped myself in the face and finished the flower girl drawing yesterday evening. It turned
out pretty nice, but I'm still curious of the flowers - should I put one more in the right corner?

Mostly done with 2B-8B pens. Needs to practise contrasts..

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