Three persons in a row!

I tattoed three persons in a row today. They were quite small tho, but still.
Here's the first one, I forgot to take pictures of the others n_n I did it free-handed.

This one is quite shaky tho, I haven't been drawing or tattoing at all the last month so I was
veeery nervous. But I'll keep training and training, that's the only way to get good at it!

Drawings and pains

It have been a while since I last uploaded a drawing. So.. Here you go.

And yes, I still have stomach pains due to anxiety. Gah. I would like to be totally free from feelings. A cold psychopath, it would be nice. I don't like the effect feelings have on me. I've been drinking wine for.. 4-5 days in a row now. Not constantly, but on the evenings/nights. It works for me.

I think everything will be alright when I arrive and starts my new life in Gothenburg.. Going there on monday
4th april. It'll be nice to flee my own life and create a new for a while. I can be anybody. Well ok.. not Batman.

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