Anxiety Anxiety

Went to Örebro today. Emergency ward for psychological problems. Got some pills for anxiety, but I dunno if i think they'll help. I really hope so, cuz' I was really really bad this morning. Woke up and couldn't breathe. Pain from inside and out, EVERYWHERE. Panic attacks, please come no more..

Well, got out and home around 9 pm and drove to my classmate Monika in the student dorms. That's where I am now, drinking some wine and talking. It's lovely. I've been living with a certain friend in the student dorms for around twelwe days now. CONSTANTLY. And now, when I can't be with this person anymore (he's kinda fed up with me and needs a break), it's a really really scary situation. I'm so used to being with this person. But I don't think that the panic attacks was for this person. It's just.. I can't be alone anymore. I don't want to be, ever again. That panic attack was a proof haha..

I sparkle. I do

I sparkle, or, the skin on my hand sparkle like the vampires do in Twilight. I firstly thought: WHAT the fuck.
Then I realized what it was: my halfglittery lipstick I wore yesterday. I haven't slept at all either, so I think
my evening will be drunk and sleep early.. With nice company, of course


Night, oh mighty night. I did some drawing before I went to bed
yesterday, and this is the result. I wouldn't call it finished, though

If anybody wonders, I tried to draw Angelina Jolie. I halfway realized that
it wasn't going to turn out the way I wanted it to, so now I'm stuck with this
asian woman who's trying to be Angelina. I really suck at realistic drawing

13 march 2011

Ok. I felt like it was time to give you another sneakpeak. I know,
I have like hundreds of unfinished works, but that's just how I work. Gah

How's life floating? Well, I don't really know.. The school is stressing the shit out of me, that's one thing that's sure. I can't work because I'm just worrying and worrying my ass off. It's like a bad circle, it never ends. Damn life sometimes

I have one positive thing to say at least: I dreamt about having sex with Cat. OMG, AAAHHH!!!!! My affection
for him is just growing stronger and stronger. It's crazy, I usually don't idolize people like this D: D: OMG

Awesome weekend Awesome people

Drip drop Tic toc. Gothenburg was awesome. The people I met was awesome, and
I had a really really great timne. I was drunk every little hour. Well, almost. Lovely

What now then? Some anxiety and Deathstars works. I don't like anxiety. I need people around me.

Do you call it.. outfit? And weekend plans

Well, this is how you can see me when I'm fighting the cold weather nowadays. I've started to let my hair down (I usually have it in a tight pony tail), and I think I like it. But it's annoying is when the hair gets in the food or when I try to draw or cook or what the hell. But I think I can get used to it..

I bought the hat last week, it was cheap and comfortable so I couldn't resist. It's hard trying to survive the swedish winter without a hat and scarf! I pimped my hat with a little turquoise/green flower made of plastic. So cute

Anyways, I'm going to Gothenburg this evening. On a masquerade with the theme ''games'' to
be exact. You'll see me as Lara Croft from Tomb raider! I guess pictures will be taken tonight.

The word: Finally

I've finally been able to take pictures of my drawings. Here's a
drawing I already shown you, but this is the finished verison. I think

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