Still nothing

Still nothing from the creative side, but it feels like it's slowly coming back to me after theese 2 months of absence. Inspiration (depression?) is starting to catch up so it shouldn't be too long time til I find my way back to the pens again.

Overall, when I'm not living my life and being happy, I worry much about past things I left
for good in Sweden. Had to move on though, even now. Just gonna take some time I guess.

Elisa von Brockdorff

Had a shoot with Elisa von Brockdorff last week, and she managed to get some nice pics even though my brain and poses flew out from my head. Dunno if I maybe was shy or something but I was reeeaaallly stiff. Didn't really do any fun poses or even near, but well, need those times to don't we?

I can't understand why she choose the last one though... Well, of course it's a nice picture but... wäää I just have something against taking pics from below, especially when the model is laying down. It never turns out well if the model got a double chin as I have :(

Well whatever, here's a link to Elisa's website and facebook so in and enjoy!

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