Too much inspiration. Give me my camera and pens!

Well. Here I am, alone, sippin' on a bit whiskey at 5 in the morning while my owlboy is sleeping. Why aren't I beside him? I'm not sure. I've been looking at inspo pictures, and got drawn into full inspiration - both with my drawing art and the tiny bit of modeling I did while I still lived in Sweden. And I miss it so bad! I can't really draw now since I don't have any proper paper, so I went on with just studying photographs instead - which made me completely crazy about it. Distraction backfired heh. I got so many ideas, such desire to stand in front (and behind) the camera, it's driving me mad!! I've been really bad with being creative lately (10months?). I need my camera. I need proper drawing equipment (only the paper now lol. But I'm picky). I need my portfolio. I need those marterial things to even be able to start again at all. But I left those in Sweden lol.

I dunno what I want to express with this post. I just wanted to say hi again I guess. I'm thinking of trying to find a good photographer and have some fun again. I mean, I''m not a top model or such, but hey. I enjoy it. Even though I can feel a bit awkward with a total stranger, in the end; it's nice. It's something with the capturing. I don't know. I just feel.

Let's say hi to some old pictures, for the sake of ol' times:


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