South Africa, and of course the bars.

SA is awesome. To be more accurate, I'm staying in a student town called Stellenbosch, like 1h from the Cape town? The weather is the same as of a swedish hot summer with dry, cool air. But then, here winter just ended lol.

I've been walking around in Stellenbosch, mostly to the local shopping mall, found some books and the amazing Food lovers market. Well yes, I'm exaggerating a bit about that supermarket, but HELL I LOVE FOOOOOD!!!!! Been taking pictures of stupid daily stuff and students and the buildings, haven't been out in ''real nature'' yet so I just have everyday pictures.

Bars here in Stellenbosch is simply AWESOME. Almost all I've been in is decorated rockish, and weird stuff is hanging on the walls (like Cafe Jubilee in Malta). Like sleazier versions of Hard rock Cafe in St Julians, more worn out, more personality. I love it. Especially Mystic and Bohemia (You guys from Malta, think of Playground but move the music to a rock style bar instead). Even the layout on the bars is awesome, weird entrances to the different rooms, very much playing with the floor differences and open air. Steps here and there, it's like a playground for drunk grown-ups. For me. I want to take my camera and photograph the places, remember them, but unfortunately, bringing out a system camera to drink isn't a too good idea. GOSH I love the style of theese places.

Yeah, since one of my main hobbies is drinking beer, I do go out a lot on the bars. But hell, I don't care.

Here comes some pictures I randomly took when walking. Nothing special,
just everyday life and probably boring as shit for citizens of Stellenbosch.

Pizza with avocado on top!!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm a food pervert YESSSSSSSSSSSS

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