BrAun Multiquick 5

Just bought this lovely thing to help me at my adventures in kitchen! 
It was quite expensive, but I got it for 900:- thanks to SIBA's offer (30%off)


Happy birthday to my little sis Malie who turns 12 years old today! We celebrated her
with breakfast on bed: shrimp sandwhich and hot chocolate (and a cupcake candle ofc) 

drawing: Tora und Tanya

Here's a drawing I did for my dear friend Tora when I visited her in London
in october! It's all fineliner. I've probably already shown u guys, but anyways..


I've been staying home today and trying to finish my praline boxes.. I've been sitting in the couch and crafting like crazy, my finger's burning but I'm now done with the boxes!!! Just have to do truffels and nougat pralines and then I'm finally done... phew. It's actually exhausting in a wierd way, but I think it'll turn out okay.. Not as good as last year though.

Don't have pics on the actual chocolate now, so u'll have to bear with the ones from last year

Christmas tree

Been offline from internet for a little little while. Me and my boyfriend has been moving stuffs and packing up since we just moved from a appartment to a house! It has five rooms and a kitchen and ofc - a bathroom. And the basement with a washing room and such stuff we don't really count as rooms to live in.

It's still a bit messy, but I promise to show u guys the house whenever
it's done. Here is the christmas tree, the first thing I threw myself over :D

A little piece of heaven

Toast and hot chocolate melts my heart


I finally got my thumb out from my ass and managed to draw something. I feel so bad whenever I look at great artists who can draw identical portraits, so I decided to give it a try.

I can tell you, portrait's not really my thing... I totally understand if u can't figure out who I'm trying too draw on the picture below. I manage to make the portrait look good, but it doesn't resemble the original picture that much at all haha....... /cut. But well, it'll look better with some shadows on, that is just a sketch really

Brain shutdown

How the hell is it possible for me to stay sleepy when I've just slept for 11 hours straight?!
Pic not related. That's just me, eating bread dipped in condensed milk ♥

Finally got my art stuff!!!!!!


Baked a swiss roll yesterday, filled with raspberry jam and sugar around, and it was delicioouuuuus. I ate it in front
of the Tv while Anna Skipper proached about low carb diets and such things. How did it feel? It felt damn goooood

How to keep warm this winter

I've ordered new art stuff, I can't wait for God to find my old ones! Shame though,
new stompfers are the worst to work with... But anyway: Here's a tip for you guys



Förlåt för att jag aldrig svarar på kommentarer, men jag har ingen aning om hur man gör det
(som den otekniska människan jag är). Bloggdesignen har jag iallafall knåpat ihop själv, på något
vänster och det är verkligen simpelt, really. Inte med koder och wtfu, där är jag nykläckt ska ni veta.


Bought this awesome notepad at Swedens best random-thingystore Lagerhaus.
I totally love it! Just look at the cover! I've decided to call it my doodlebook cuz
that's just what I'm going to use it for. Here is what I've done since I bought it

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