Ache. Sorry guys

I should update about my travels, but at the moment it's all about emotions again. Please look away if you want to hear about my adventures, here's nothing to find. Wait for next update.

Back to heartache. I've been trying to sleep for a couple of hours, turning and twisting, but the only thing I can see when I close my eyes is.... Jakob. And it hurts.

When I close my eyes, I find myself fantasizing about his life now. What's he's doing. How he's feeling. I wonder about everything. It's stupid. I traveled to the other side of the world to get away, yet I can't sleep because I see his face whenever I close my eyes. Hope he's doing alright. I know he is. I just wish I could aswell.

I'm having a good time here, I'm enjoying friends and nice scenery. But a part of me is missing. And I can't think it away. I should stop bitch about a lost love. It's part of life for fucks sake.

It's 04.10, and I'm sitting at the rooftop of the hostel, chain smoking. 
Missing, and trying to get myself together to fucking sleep. Knowing how ridiculous this is, I'm on the other side of the world goddamnit, and he doesn't give a shit about you, neither should I! Fuck

I miss him. I miss you so much. 
End of story 

New start starts with Roma

At the moment, I'm sitting in Beijing airport. Facebook is banned here in China, and the security check was one of the harshest I've been through (full body search, they took my three lighters and basically unpacked my whole bag).

I've just spent about 9-10h in the air between Roma and Beijing. Before that just 1,5h leaving malta to Roma. Very tearful flight I must say, I got sickly emotional and must have looked like a idiot there beside people (luckily I was at the window, so I could cry while watching the sky and Malta from above).

Met a couchsurfer in Roma. Oh he gave me such a good time. We firstly had a beer at the airport, then took the car in to central Roma, parked a bit outside and just had a long promenade past colosseum and other big constructions I don't know the name of. Then I ate the first Italian pizza in Italy!!! CappricciosaAlso tasted some bruschetta and carbonara. It is a certain difference, it is. And I hadn't eaten in about 15h, so it was surely good.

On the way back to the airport we got stuck in a traffic jam, and I almost missed the flight (eheheheheh surprised?). Like, really on the limit. It would suck if I got stuck so early on a long trip, but here I am in Beijing. Phew

Chinese people are weird. And rude. Or just very straight-forward. I was thinking to spend my 7h here, sitting at the bar and maybe catch a conversation with someone, but it doesn't seem like that's doable really. It's not even so much foreigners here goddamnit. And the Chinese people around isn't very friendly, loud, angry, and the cashier looks at you with a face of bother. Maybe this is just a very boring airport to work in. I hope that's the case at least.

The restaurants serve mostly Korean food as bibimbap and different noodle soups, so I'm happy. Korean food is awesome, and I would like to try more of it! Just sucks that my appetite isn't existing at all. Feels so stupid to buy food for €8 if you're not even hungry. So here I am in the smoking room with my three Tsingtao beer I bought from the convienience shop. I should get hungry at some point. My beer is finished soon anyway, I can't use Facebook and I have 4.5h left to wait (y)

I must say though, the dinner I got at air China was the best tasting I've ever had on a plane. Chicken in white sauce and pasta with tomato sauce, prawn, crispy potato and olive oil on the side. Tastyy

May the new year hurt a bit less please.

Boom festival, idanha-a-nova, Portugal

Boom was amazing. We'll yes, it was 45+ degrees, no clouds, toil and sweat, dehydration, 30min queues for all food, struggles with the atm and above all, D U S T.

Every day I would blow my nose to discover mud. Utterly disgusting, and by far the worst thing with the festival. Shortly after that pain comes the Sahara-heat with no clouds. Destruction. But it was worth it, in a weird way I just don't understand.

The festival was combining elements of the soul so nice. Dance your body away at the 2 main stages, dazzle your brain with the most incredible art I've seen at the visual art museum (which, on top of that, was designed like walking into a dragons mouth), enjoy and smile at the pretty and very smart decorations put out here and there. Like the jellyfish lanterns they put on each street light. Made by plastic cups, they spread amazingly friendly discoball-like patterns on the ground.

I danced like never before. The highest level of dance-trance was when Emok, Ticon and James Monro played a 5h set together, taking turns. I've never danced so furiously, so constant for that long time. The energy of the dance usually goes in waves you know, but this one was constant bodybeating all through the entire set. I was all shaky when they finished, and we got to go backstage to thank the dj's (a bit flirting with the security guards ;). We later ended up partying with them, drinking beer and sharing pizza. James Monro and his wife even showed us pictures of heir house and horses in Brazil! The last night was by far the best one ever.

Anyways, I'm here now, a few years older spiritually and a few friends richer. I've also seen videos of Malta now, and I'm so proud of what a beautiful country I live in, and all the beautiful places I get to see. I miss Jakob, I do. But for the gift to realize everyday beauty, I'm so incredibly grateful.

Viva Madrid

We've been in Madrid for 1,5 days, managed to find our hotel at Alonso Martinez which is about 15 min walk from the city center. It's okay since I like walking.

Yesterday was a loong one. Staying up at night to catch the plane at 6am, arriving in Madrid to find the hotel, search for the typical tapas (oh we tried a few different places throughout he evening). I even got to ride with a cs friend around town, utterly amazing experience.

It's nice to schedule meetings with locals. You get to dig a bit deeper rather than scratching the surface of a town. We did things all day this day, so we slept like babies when we came back home after midnight haha..

I like the way of eating here, here's no need to order a full meal at a specific restaurant. Order a few tapas plates with some drinks, snack a bit, wander on to next place, repeat.. Oh my god how perfectly it suits my way of constantly nabbing on something. P e r f e c t

Today, we'll try to find some shorts, and do some other shopping aswell. Just walk around, mostly in puerto del sol. Eat, drink. Load up ourselves before dancing away in the Portuguese nature for the comig week.

Jumping giraffe

Well. yeah. I stepped wrong some night before, didn't notice any pain for the evening but woke up the morning after of the pain in my left ancle. At first, I thought it was the infected mosquito bite I had on the exact same spot, I was like "holy hell, this mosquito bite is getting serious??!!?!". Called to work and told them like, hey guys, I litterally can't walk to work and got the orders to check the fuck up at some health clinic.
So I got a friend to take me and we went. Firstly to Gzira health center where the doctor had to come to the entrance since I impossibly could jump on one leg up the stairs. He sent me for X-ray in Mosta health clinic, thought it was broken due to the big swelling. In mosta, we confirmed that there was no fractures and that I probably slit off something inside. A sprain maybe? Anyway, I got the painkillers and a prescription on cruches I would need to go to Mater Dei hospital to get. Hallelujah! 
Went there, and now I'm invalid on cruches. The palms of my hands are hurting from the weight I have to put while jumping around on them. And I'm so bored. I'm not the type that can relax and take it easy at home, I want to be up running, doing stuff, working all the fucking time!!!! I'm soon crawling up the walls here at home. It's so boring. i could go back to work and do something which doesnt require me to walk somewhere, but at the same time I think I should let the foot heal as fast as possible so I can come back perfectly fine. Argh. me and my fucking clumsy ass

Father father insect times

As you know, I met my father for the first time in adult age some days ago. His English wasn't there and my Thai skills is poor, so communication was slightly difficult. However, I had my mum around to translate thank god. To be clear, I have no intentions of building any relationship with him, and this is also not really a sensitive topic since he's like a total stranger to me anyway. More important, genetics are fun and I was amused by our similar features :)

We went to some temple market, he bought me some street snacks and had me trying fried insects!! Taste was alright, but the feeling of a insect between your teeth... Well it got better the more I had, but I doubt it'll be something I'll yearn more for. We later had beer.

Next day, he cooked with me. Apparently he's a good cook, but from what I could see just an amateur (well, village life here isn't quite the place for star-restaurants. They're living in wooden bungalows in the middle of nowhere, the equipment is from the Stone Age). Anyways, he showed me that magic nigro chicken I wrote about a couple of days ago. New experiences!

At the moment, I'm doing nothing else than eating, sweating, eating, melting, eating, reading, eating. I've surely put on about 4kg, some shorts feels tighter. Not sure if my belly is so big cuz the ridiculously huge amount of water I binge or if I'm actually is getting a proper beer belly. I drink like 5l a day, at least <_< 

Magic nigro chicken

It's been a lot of absence here lately. Maybe it's too hot, I'm doing nothing else than eating chilli-bursting spicy food and melting here. I arrived to Chiang Mai two days ago, and is just here for my mothers sake to be honest. Meeting my grandparents which I've never really spoken too, and also got to meet my biological father! More bout that another time. 

North of Thailand means family business anyway, the sky is always grey (pollution) and I don't really like it here as I like the south. Sad sad grey skies, reminder of how we destroy our beautiful earth.

Oh well. My father brought some new stuff to cook with me today. I dropped my jaw when he pulled out a black chicken from he bag. Everything was black, the meat, the skin, the beak, the bones. WTF? I never even thought about its existence before. He made a soup by boiling it with herbs, garlic, other random thai stuff, we cooked together! The nigro chicken tasted exactly like normal though, but I must say it did look slightly scary when black even inside :P

Sad one. You wouldn't be too happy 
'bout getting boiled either would'ya :(

Future music festival

Future was fucking amazing. We started drinking our beers and vodka at 11am, and the whole day was like walking around in a cloud. A base-dunking one, oh heavenly. The sun stood strong and burned skin, the sweat and dance was all around and the artists was great. My main act was Knife party, but I also managed to see Macklemore, Paul kalkbrenner, Porter Robinson, deadmau5, Tinie tempah  and a few names I don't remember. Missed Paul van dyk and Dubfire, but the lineup was too good to manage everything in one day. They should've just put it on a two day festival instead goddamnit

Anyway. Stood in front row on Knife party, my head was jumping and my heart was beating like never before. Fuck you Knife party, your beats are too good for my health. Dance til you drop must be the line of my life


I'm very sorry but I've felt so lazy lately. I do have stuff to write about, but for some reason I just feel too lazy to put it down. I also want to save the pictures for when I properly explain that day aswell, so atm I'll just give you these selfies fom the morning visit to Balmore beach 8am.

Manly nigiri Manly nigiri

Went driving around Manly and areas around yesterday. The weather was quite shitty as it has been rainy for last week, but I got to see some spots at least. The natures wet face is another kind of beauty I'm incredible grateful for aswell, it is amazing to feel the earth drink the heavens to sprout new life.

Stopped at the local sushi shop and tried out some glazed scallop and king crab nigiri. 
Oh god, I've forgotten how good scallop tastes when slightly burnt on top <3

Kindergarten cooking class

Held a cooking class for Lennox kindergarten today (Lennox is my sis's kid). Mum started with making masaman curry and chicken fried rice, and I showed them how to make coconut chocolate balls (of course I get to do the chocolate stuff :P). The kids are obviously too young to actually learn how to cook but the teachers described what was happening in a very good educational way so hopefully they learnt something small :)

When we came back home both mum and sis fell asleep in the living room while I was busy making gyoza dumplings haha!

A little taste of Italy

I was drinking some with my sis and a couple of Filipinos last night. Stayed up very late like usual and then woke up early in the morning again, unable to sleep. Again. 

My lack of sleep is starting to get ridiculous, it's been like 1,5 months since my travel (and lack of sleep) started. I wake up early in the morning for the cause of sleeping early aswell, but somehow I end up not sleepy until late... and then it goes again.

Anyway, today I've been ridiculously tired all day. Like, sleepy tired. We went for lunch at a Italian place and had some spinach/ricotta ravioli with creamy pesto sauce, the thickest cheesy garlic bruschetta I've seen, caramel/chocolate ganache wih vanilla ice cream and tiramisu. Nice yeah, even though I eat spinach/ricotta ravioli every time I have pasta where I live in Malta lol. My excuse is that I've been out traveling for 1,5 months now alright, I'm allowed to have Italian 

Singapore airport

Have been busy working for my sister since I arrived to Australia. I mean busy as waking up, working until bedtime, getting about 5h sleep and wake up for more kitchen preparation. My sister is selling food at a concert, for which 19 000 tickets has been sold. Bruce Springsteen, you womanizer! We've got SHITLOADS of differents pring rolls, chicken skewers etc now. Thousands, made by the hands of the Chailom women (yeah, that's my surname). 

Has obviously not been out and around so much, been spending all time in the kitchen and that's not very interesting atm so I'll give you guys a peek on how Singapore's departure hall looks like. It it impressive 

Taipei Taipei

Safely arrived in Sydney, or actually Singleton, on tuesday. I flew from Taipei with a transit in Singapore, where they announced a delay of three extra hours... Which meant like, 8hrs of dead time in the airport. I was really impressed of Singapore's airport, but 8 hours was a bit over the top. Oh well, thought I could spend some time food researching so I went to subway, had a GORGEOUS tunamayo sub (I love subway more than any other chain in the world, but never eat there), then tried a sardine sandwhich, then the Singaporean dish chicken and rice. I'll have to try it again outside the airport though, cuz that one was one of the poorest meals I've ever bought in my life. It was like, nothing. And dry. And the service-mind of the catering staff was... Not there. Alright, it was after midnight, but c'mon, 95% of the people was obviously VERY bothered by the customers. No smiles. Sighs and rolling eyes. The airport was great, but the service was low, I have to say (at least the service around the food court). Or maybe it was my face

Sharing some Taipei pictures, had a bit time to stroll around before going to the airport. Pretty! Sunny! Bubble teas! I need to come back and give Taiwan a better chance at some point.

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