Travel plans

Hi there. As usual, I don't really update during my normal days of living. Working and partying is the only things I do when I don't travel, and I don't really see any purpose of uploading it here. Anyways, traveling times soon ahead and this blog will get filled with yet another destination :)

At the moment, I'm thinking about either South Africa, Central America or Thailand again. The last named is always a safe card, and I can stay out in my backpack for longer. Would love to see something new though, as Central America. They also host a psytrance festival I would like to visit. I know nothing about that area though, currency, people, anything, and since I'm traveling alone.. It's a little bit scary to be honest. Just a bit. Then we have South Africa, western cape around Cape town to be more correct. The southern hemisphere has summer now, so it would be lovely to spend some more time there. My last 9 days there wasn't really enough, it was truly beautiful. I'm trying trying to decide, but I want to experience so much at the same time. Need to book soon. Goddamnit, world, why are you so amazingly stunning?

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