Planking - behind the scenes

In Linköping for the moment, taking a break before going to Emmabodafestivalen for a week. After that, I'll be attending Närcon:X 4-7aug and then be going up to Kiruna for workworkwork until 16 sept. God, seriously, how will I manage such long time without my dearest boyfriend?

Pic from the train - we managed to hold ourselves calm
for at least twenty minutes before we went rampage..

January 2011

Just a pic I found and liked. Still live in those leggings

i'll watch your back

Here some stuff from spring 2011. I barerly draw anything nowadays, in a loong pause or something right now.
I've barerly been drawing anything since 15 mars 2011, seriously. Goddamnit, need to find the pens again soon..

Eat me!

Just tattooed my boyfriend Emil. It's so cute, I want one too ;_; It's my first in a looong time.

I'm planning to fill it with some cute babycolours, but we'll have to wait a while for that. It'll be lovely <3

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