Todays veggie lunch

Fried egg rice with tiny little pieces of green peas, red onion (rather purple), sweet corn
and red pepper. Doesn't really do that very often, but I had some rice from yesterdays leftovers..

January Inspo

Here's some inspo for you guys to look at while I'm trying to finish my flower girl drawing :')

Eat some chocolate please

Oh hi - eehhhh I'm soooooo sorryyyyy ;_; My best friend came over from Örebro and I just forgot everything that has with drawing to do. So no, I did not finish the last drawing I showed you guys hehe... We've been baking, playing ps3 and drinking wine. He's the first friend I've brought over for a veery long time, I've turned into some kind of hermit since.. a while.

I don't really have something relevant to give you guys, I just wanted to show that I'm still
alive. So here's a irrelevant picture of my praline crafting last christmas :D Doesn't it look nice?


It's not much left to do on this drawing, just some flowers
and the final touch. I hope to do it today, so stay tuned..

Junko Mizuno

I ordered two Junko Mizuno books today! I've really been longing for this. I ordered Cinderalla
and Princess Mermaid. I reeaaaally love her style, it's psychadelic, detailed and freakin awesome.


Made sushi and drank some beer for the first time in a veeeery long time. The beer, that is. Even though I don't make sushi so often, I'm starting to get tired of these typish makizushis - I want to try different ones like urumaki, futomaki, maybe temarizushi, everything!

''Just go on and do it then, what stops you?'' I don't know... Lazyness? Okay, let's make
a deal. Next time I make sushi, I'll try out different styles. It's a.... semi-promise.

Cats and flowers

Sorry for uploading the pic so late, I just forgot.

Anyways. Here's the result of yesterday, I did finish one drawing and did some flowers on the other.
I'm not really happy about the drawing to the right, but I think the left one will turn out really nice..

draw drew drew

Nah, screw my left arm, I'm going to draw now
anyways. Can't let my arty side die yet, can we?

I'll show u the result of today tomorrow, finished or not. 

The whole-day breakfast

Haven't done much lately, been to the hospital and afterwards I had to take it easy. I'm afraid to use my left arm, so I haven't really been able to draw properly... But sometimes it's nice filling the day with a looong breakfast and a good movie.

Audrey Tatou

Good day fellas. Sorry for not uploading the last portrait yet, I've been to the hospital and some food shopping and... ok. I've just been lazy, I've actually had a couple of hours both today and yesterday to do it on but I didn't. Don't hang me, I'm just human..

But well, here's finally the portrait. Someone guessed right, I've tried to draw Audrey Tatou! Mostly known as ''Amelie
from Montmartre''. I loooove her looks so I just had to draw her.. But I hope I've improved next time, I really do.

I've used my pencil set (8B-2H pens), stompfs and tops :) Here comes some closeups too

Guess who?

I've been telling myself to draw at least one hour per day, and it has surprisingly worked well! I've been drawing every day (except this day, but I've been on a trip whole day), and it has paid off in four done drawings! One each day. I still need a scanner to insert the textes I want in the pictures, but that lies in the future. 

This is the latest portrait I've done. As u see, I've been a pussy
when it comes to dark shadings.. I doesn't dare to shade much
yet. But I'll train! Really want's to get better on portraits (!)

Can u guys maybe see who's on the portrait?
yes, I will show u the whole portrait soon.

behind success lies sacrifice

Trying to finish off old works. This one will probably be transferred on a t-shirt or a vest, I dunno why but I think it would fit really well on clothes. I just have to buy a good scanner and put a nice quote below the drawing, bcuz I suck at drawing fonts...
Well, I have a nice quote ready at least

Bday portrait

I have actually been drawing for two days now, that's quite a good start on the new year! I didn't finish
much (or anything?) at all during 2011, shame on me. Hope that 2012 will be a better drawing-year.

Anyways, this was kind of a work of haste. My friend's bday was today, and I decided to draw a picture to her, around three hours before visiting her. I choose one pic from when she was young, but it didn't really turn out as it was supposed to.. It doesn't look like her at all, but it's still a nice picture. 

I really have to improve my portrait skills though.. They are rarely alike the original :(

Cat's back

We've found Katla today. She was hiding in our guest room, and
had probably been running around in the house at night. Phew...

Here's a pic from when them catz were hiding behind our tv :'D

Kitteh got named, Katla got lost

We decided to name them Kirke and Katla (as the dragon in the swedish tale ''Bröderna Lejonhjärta''). U know why I choose Kirke, but not the reason for Katla - yet! The first day, she sat under the radiator and growled for herself and well - made noises and didn't want to come out at all. She reminded me of Katla when she sat there in her little cave and breathed fire, ''katlagrottan'' as the cave is named in the tale.

And the problem.... She's gone now. We have no idea where she is, we've searched everywhere but no signs of her. Kirke is still around, still shy but around at the usual places, but Katla is completely gone. She hasn't even eaten today before she went hiding, so that makes us worried sick. We are sure we did close the hallway door, so she couldn't have gotten out in the coldness outside but.... We're still rreeeaaalllyyyyy worried for that even though we know it's not possible..... goddamn...... KATLA, WHERE ARE YOU?!?! ;;;_____;;; She has been missing for 7 hours now! How will we possibly sleep tonight?! ;_; ;_; ;_;


Brought home two kittens (females) today - a lovely start on the new year. They are around 5 months old and so cute! They're still shy and unsecure when we try to approach them, but they've still been running around in the house more than I expected. I thought they would spend at least a couple of days under the couch at first..

Haven't decided names yet, but since I love greek mythology names I will fight my boyfriend to name
them something greek :) I like Kirke and Klio, but my man isn't really into names as those like me...

Haven't got any good pictures of them yet, they never stay still!

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