Forgotten talents

So, I'm back on the island of no fucks given (actually meant that in a homey, heartwarming sense). Still got another 2 weeks of holiday before I'll get back into my chef's wear. I've been, ever since Thailand, quite motivated to use this free time to develop my art stuff and practice of yoga. I'm afraid that I've lost all skills because of constantly working. Always at work.
I know that even if you're given a talent, it still won't become anything if you don't practice it. It's like that with my art. I know I've got potential, just looking back at myself growing up; always holding a pen since I was 2y old and man, I've been pretty impressive for my age. And then I started to work and almost instantly; I stopped evolving. Now, I'm stuck at the mental drawing-stage of 16. Damn, I think I even went back a few years! Surely forgot some techniques and killed a lot of creativity. I've stopped evolving.
My mind used to be a sprouting wild forest, stretching all over my vision, through my soul and arm and out on the paper. Oh man, all the creativity and techniques that just came to me naturally! Thinking back, I feel really impressed of the younger me, especially the teenage one. I can really feel the difference, because I remember how idea after idea popped into my head. I drew for hours every day for most of my teenage years. I remember how it felt like when my head was full of visions I could reach.
At first, I didn't realise that this was something I have to work for to revive. I've spent 6 years waiting for ''the inspiration'' to come back; It does not work that way. I've realised that if I want to revive whatever talent I once had, I really need to work on it. Learn those techniques back, continue through failed attempts and maybe, maybe my head will start flowing with creativity again. Maybe it's just me being very motivated in this moment, but I really want to try now. I want to see how far back I can reach. I want my wild forest back.




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