Arriba arriba!

Went to try out Mañana, a Mexican restaurant at white beach in Boracay. Maybe I had high expectations after reading good things about it online, but I was kind of disappointed. It was tasty, but most things was in need of a real dab of salt. Other than that, it was alright. Decorations was creative, but the sides (beans, corn, rice etc) was mini-sized. Well, main courses was pretty big so it makes sense I guess.

I had vegetarian enchiladas, the others chimichangas, burritos and enchiladas. Also a pizza baked on a piece of tortilla. All washed down with huge mango margheritas and banana shakes!

Also found myself a new sarong. The old one is starting to get ripped me overall over-used. Will use it as long as I can though, mixing it up with the new, blue one :)


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