Jumping giraffe

Well. yeah. I stepped wrong some night before, didn't notice any pain for the evening but woke up the morning after of the pain in my left ancle. At first, I thought it was the infected mosquito bite I had on the exact same spot, I was like "holy hell, this mosquito bite is getting serious??!!?!". Called to work and told them like, hey guys, I litterally can't walk to work and got the orders to check the fuck up at some health clinic.
So I got a friend to take me and we went. Firstly to Gzira health center where the doctor had to come to the entrance since I impossibly could jump on one leg up the stairs. He sent me for X-ray in Mosta health clinic, thought it was broken due to the big swelling. In mosta, we confirmed that there was no fractures and that I probably slit off something inside. A sprain maybe? Anyway, I got the painkillers and a prescription on cruches I would need to go to Mater Dei hospital to get. Hallelujah! 
Went there, and now I'm invalid on cruches. The palms of my hands are hurting from the weight I have to put while jumping around on them. And I'm so bored. I'm not the type that can relax and take it easy at home, I want to be up running, doing stuff, working all the fucking time!!!! I'm soon crawling up the walls here at home. It's so boring. i could go back to work and do something which doesnt require me to walk somewhere, but at the same time I think I should let the foot heal as fast as possible so I can come back perfectly fine. Argh. me and my fucking clumsy ass


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