Alright. Japan resisted to the end with letting me go by delaying my flight to Taipei, but finally, I made it!! 

As I stayed at Kansai airport hotel with a bfast buffet closing at 9.30, I had lots of time preparing for the flight (which departed 16.40). I then slept through the full flight and landed about 18.40-something. In Taipei. Chaos

I've gotten used to the organized and shy people of japan, and was now facing shouting people (alright, loud language) queues that wasn't really a line, no one gave me an arrival card for the immigration so I had to go back the line again, buses was confusing, where's the english etc etc. In the end, I think I was just so confused cuz I didn't eat or drink anything on like, 7-8hrs.

Somehow got hold of Nick who've been living in Taipei for 4 years. Great guy! I'm really sad we didn't get more time together, but the world is small :) We stumbled into a lantern festival, really pretty, saw a band playing, then went to Shilin night market for some tastes of Taiwan. I felt like home with the street food stands before even going inside the actual market. 

I bought quite much. My weakness is these stands, I can go crazy and buy all sizzling things I see. I got some kind of blood-marinated stuff (or I don't know actually???), hundred kilos of fruits (alright, just a lot) and chicken feet. I never really thought eating chicken feet would be a tasty experience, it's just skin and bones after all, but I wanted to at least try. I was freaked out, but I did it and I never chewed any toes I tell you

Biggest sausages ever


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