Hiroshima okonomiyaki party

Arrived to Hiroshima yesterday, with the Shinkansen train (fucking hell, they're fast). Went to the first hostel of my life! J-hoppers Hiroshima at Dobashi station, I had one of the greatest evenings so far. I happened to come on the evening when they held a okonomiyaki-party, so Hiroshima style okonomiyaki research and beerdrinking with people from the world in one clash. Fucking great!

At the moment, I'm sitting in the living room of the hostel, waiting for my iPad to charge up. I have about 7hrs to kill before meeting up  with other couchsurfers, and I'm thinking of going to Miyajima. Apparently, that's one must-do thing while visiting Hiroshima, and with the hours I have to kill.. Why not.


Got shitfaced. Kanpai!


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