Miyajima and travel emotions

Yesterday was one beautiful, oh so incredibly beautiful beautiful day spent on the Miyajima island with Sean, Zil and Marcus. We hiked up Mt Misen, something about 2000m high. Steps almost all way up, but I must say my lifestyle has been taking its toll already haha... The beers I've been drinking last 3 years didn't encourage my legs to take the last hundred steps really :P

Anyways, we ended the mountainhike (both up and down) with great coffee, and later some izakaya dinner with beer. After that, we went searching for a technobar we were at the night before, but it took hell of a while I say. Ended with tequila shots and more beer.

Today, I've been crying my eyes out. The Hiroshima days has for some reason caught me deeper than the other cities (except for the chiba psy party) and when we, my Hiroshima family for 2 days, split I felt completely heartbroken. Like, seriously, I cried on my platform. It's a thing included when traveling, it reminds me of how alive and full of feelings I am, and for the first hour alone at my train I was just bursting of emotions. Obviously this is the thing of how beautiful life can feel, and that you need some downsides to fully grasp the beauty. Oh god, I'm just swambling around, guess I'm still a bit emotional.

Anyhows, slit myself from Hiroshima to arrive in Beppu today. Is staying at a former colleagues place, a shared flat with 4 Japanese guys and atm 1 french couchsurf girl. Party people, about my age and like-minded, oh Marcus you should've come here!! 

Fries with the sashimi yes please!

Our favorite technobar in Hiroshima, just fucking 
impossible to find but very tiny and very cozy <3


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