Walking around in Namba and Shinsaibashi

Today, I changed host. Which, I might say was a little bit of a relief since my first host HATED people who smoke/drink. Not about house rules. People who ever ever did it. Which I noticed when he saw my package of cigarets in my bag, completely stopped talking almost. Answering very shortly. Anyhows, I just felt like a pain in the ass finally, he was a bit too clean boy for us to get along I guess.

Anyway, met up Anderson today and we had a great but short moment before he left me with Tokie who had been studying Swedish for 6 years!! Been living in Sweden for 6months aswell, she speaks surprisingly good English for being japaneese. We had some coffee, she showed me purikura and later we had beer in a Irish pub. Some hours in between, I spent on walking around for hours, just looking at stuff. The journey is starting to feel better now, the last time in Ishibashi (former host) just felt awkward to be honest..

A penguin outside a penguin bar :)


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