Today's market

So, today I woke up at my friend's place in kita-ku, had some natto bfast (can't imagine living without that either) and then we went to a market. Loads of fish and seafood stuff, which I documented, maybe a bit too much. Different mochi and snacks aswell, for me this is pure interest and warmth at heart, but it's probably shitloads of boring stuff for normal people.

Anyhows, spent around 5 hours of walking around Sannomiya after that, ate some sweet potato tayaki and tamago onigiri and just killed time. Later, we went to a shabu-shabu and yakiniku restaurNt and got our meat cravings filled. We paid a certain amount (this case 2000yen=€14) and then we were free to order how many refills we wanted of both veg and meats. Good deal I have to say, Japanese style of eating out differs a lot from eating out in west. It's more of a play, you kind of make your own dining experience rather than having everything already planned and given right on your front door. I love the Japanese cuisine more and more for every day, and I can't imagine living without my soba or natto bfasts anymore.


Valkött+späck. Skall testas imorgon

Miso market




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