Psy in Chiba, Kobe beef

Yes. So I went to this psy, about 1,5h outside central Tokyo, and had a beautiful night. We danced, watched snow fall around a campfire, danced a bit more and loved the morning light until lunchtime the Sunday after, when we finally drove back to leave me at the Shinkansen station with a friend from the party. Impulsive decisions feels so exciting when traveling without plans.

At the event, I met people who was willing to open up and share their family life with me if I wanted to stay in Tokyo. An au pair thing I would call it, which I greatly, oh god you don't know how much, appreciated with all my heart. But. 

I feel in need of a rest. I haven't been relaxing at all since I woke up that departure day, and Im started to feel worn. So when I got the offer to go down west to Osaka (Kobe), I took it. Tokyo in all great might, but somehow, south did give me this more relaxed feeling of thought. So I went.

And here I am, being guided around by two soul family members, who unfortunately can't be with me much more these coming 5-7days. But I'm sure I'll manage with a bit help of

I would't forgive myself if I forgot to write about my meeting with Kobe beef as a introduction to the city. I tried it in the dish Sukiyaki, which means the meat and veg is cooked in the middle of the table together with soy and a dashi/konbu stock, then dipped in a raw, whisked egg before putting it in your mouth. Kobe beef was more amazing than I ever imagined. The thin slice of meat literally melted in the mouth. I'm not kidding, it MELTED away. It is a very fatty slice you got, all deliciousness amazingly marbled into the meat and oh boy, that's an illegally sexy texture you have. Does fat sound disgusting? Try it if you can. It'll be worth those extra calories. Try it in a real japaneese way (whatever you choose that to be). Just go. Now

Look at that marbling. Just look at it. Can you imagine how it feels when those fat molecules is heaten up between the protein ones? It falls apart from the lightest bite, and it will make you sigh of culinary beauty.


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