Journey started

So. I arrived to Narita airport in Tokyo at 17.20, Thursday the 16th of Jan. Had to stand in a humongous line of other foreigners for that bloody rail pass I ordered while in Malta (need to exchange the envelope for a proper pass when arr to Japan), so I wasn't at Shinjuku station until around 20.20ish. Where I finally found a smoking room lol.

Anyhows, Robert found me and we went straight to Attic room for something to eat. All food was fucking hell, great! Nice introduction, even though the food wasn't typical japaneese or anything. Got some good ideas and inspiration, we had some pâté, a awesome chicken salad, something that could aswell be named 'salmon wellington' and a truly beautiful avocado, tapenade and prawn tartar topped with sesame seeds. Some not-the-best wine and ume-shu with that. Umeshu really is hell of a good liquer to finish a meal with.

Straggled away to Legato, a Italian place on the higher floors with view over east Tokyo. Nice glass windows, and great ginger ale (spicy is the shit). THEN... We found some caves. I'm speaking literally here, my friend took us down a basement and it was all very weird, but in a good way. That place was so.... Fucking awesome! Very calm though, but hell, the place consisted of tiny caves built in papier mâché, inside/on/together with the walls, go down a few steps and you have to crawl to get into those. Difficult to get a proper picture, but a really nice and different experience. Narrow, tiny, one could easily get stuck there if you're bigger than the average Asian. Weirdness <3

So, first night was nice, second is Friday and we got some party going on. Let's await and see what Tokyo has to tell me. So far so good, and if the clubs are boring I'll just stick my head down the beers instead ;)

Had a big touch screen fucking cinema, food, red 
wine and whiskey as flight meal. Can't complain ;)


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