Taipei Taipei

Safely arrived in Sydney, or actually Singleton, on tuesday. I flew from Taipei with a transit in Singapore, where they announced a delay of three extra hours... Which meant like, 8hrs of dead time in the airport. I was really impressed of Singapore's airport, but 8 hours was a bit over the top. Oh well, thought I could spend some time food researching so I went to subway, had a GORGEOUS tunamayo sub (I love subway more than any other chain in the world, but never eat there), then tried a sardine sandwhich, then the Singaporean dish chicken and rice. I'll have to try it again outside the airport though, cuz that one was one of the poorest meals I've ever bought in my life. It was like, nothing. And dry. And the service-mind of the catering staff was... Not there. Alright, it was after midnight, but c'mon, 95% of the people was obviously VERY bothered by the customers. No smiles. Sighs and rolling eyes. The airport was great, but the service was low, I have to say (at least the service around the food court). Or maybe it was my face

Sharing some Taipei pictures, had a bit time to stroll around before going to the airport. Pretty! Sunny! Bubble teas! I need to come back and give Taiwan a better chance at some point.


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