Nigiri feast and chocolate truffles

My last night at the ryokan. We had a feast! I made kanpachi and salmon nigiri, some soup and then helped the daughter of the house to make her valentines chocolate. Since there was no real chocolate-making equipment, I decided to just make easy truffles, but I have to say the household was fairly impressed. I just bit my tounge and kept he curses for myself, but I've learnt to appreciate what they see rather than what I see. I've understood that perfect is easier to reach in other eyes, especially for a family who doesn't usually make desserts, so I'm all really happy and grateful for their appreciation :)

Tomorrow, I'll leave Beppu early for Taiwan. Japan has been nice, but I can't deny that the weather here really sucks this time of the year. I've been missing Malta more and more, everyone seems to upload lovely, sunny pictures of Malta and I'm just like, I belong there. I belong in the sun and in the beaches. But time will come soon, in a week I'll leave Taiwan for summer time Australia and it'll all be glorious ;)


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