7th of feb, Khao San Food Day

Aloha. Just got back from Khao San area, and I'm all dizzy and don't feel too well at all even though I've been sitting down for the last 40minutes. I'm not sure, but I seriously think I'm high on nutrition. We went for a lunch at Khao San around 3pm, a spicy one, and then I never stopped eating... I'm not joking. After the meal which consisted of a wok with fish/chicken, lots and lots of chilli and bamboo sprouts, we went walking around and I bought everything I could see from the street kitchens. Started with the meal, following with papaya cubes, pork skewers, iced coffee, mysterious deep-fried sesame balls, fish balls, spring roll and wonton eggs with sweet-chillisauce, iced thai style tea, tiny pork balls on a stick with chillisauce and to top it off 2 different thai desserts I haven't eaten since I was a little kid on thai vacation. Pics on almost everything down below. F U C K I N G foodheaven. 

.. then I got a ''Salapao''(mysterious supersoft, white bun filled with pork) and some orange milk at the market close to home. And here I am. We're talking about a timespan on around 5hours of constant eating. Fucking amazing. I know for sure I should never move here; I wouldn't just get incredibly fat, I would go bankrupt due to street food aswell. And my ass would hurt every day since I JUST CAN'T stop assaulting my body with too spicy food. My tummy even hurts after a meal sometimes, but I dont. wanna. cut. the. spices.

Hanged out with my cousin today, so I actually got a lot of pics on myself :D Yatta!


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