6th of feb, Chinatown

Just came back after 7hours of walking around in BKK. I visited Chinatown and MBK, and probably looked high where I was walking, looking at everything with stoned eyes. Laughing and smiling stupidly at my own thoughts, quite loudly aswell. 

I started by going to the BTS (skytrain) first - how the hell do I do this? It didn't take too long time to understand the system though, and I was away quite instantly. Thank you big sis who explained :) Went went went with the skytrain, came to the central pier and took a taxiboat to Memorial bridge. From there, mopedtaxi: and GOSH I love it. I feel so free somehow, with the wind in my hair and being able to snircle between the cars, waving ''Hi and bye!''. Then, after maybe 10min in the crazy bangkok traffic I arrived at one end of Yaowarat (main road, Chinatown) where I started my walking journey.

I walked and walked and prob looked more stoned than ever. The mission was to find a breakfast-place, and not some kind of a restaurant; a proper thai-style street kitchen with random plastic chairs around. Saw loads of edible stuff, but it didn't click until an hour. There it was: unripe mangosalad with 2 tiny, raw (alive!) crabs, brutally crushed into it with lime, fish sauce and thousands of red chillies. I had went into a back street or whatever - didn't see other than thai faces around. Felt a bit awkward. Felt I somehow belonged there. Felt like I was on fire; those crabs must've burnt in hell since those chillies was SO GODDAMN FUCKING HOT. I never do this, but I have to admit I plucked out all pieces I could find. And my mouth was still on fire.

After a nice, slow and painful meal, I stappled out from the back street, back into the main road of thousands tourists/colours/strange food. Sat down in a real restaurant, outside ofc, for an iced coffee. Got brutally assaulted by the eyes of passing buspassengers (are tattoos really that unusual here?). Got less and negotiated with moped taxi again - I went from Yaowarat-MBK for 130thb. I dunno, I'm still quite unsecure about how low I should get since I still have european standards, but it feels like I'm getting kind of good at it. I can negotiate - not speak fluently though. And I have a pretty face, which, seriously guys, fucking helps if you're polite/nice. Anyways, walked around in MBK shopping center and bought 4 tops, loads of street food and went at last into a Purikurabox (hihi only for you Jakob <3). Then I gladly ate more street food and headed for the BTS back to Sukhumvit headquarter. End of story, start of picbomb of the day:

Postat av: annie

vill va med :( har dom börjat sälja mat inuti mbk? och varför ser du stoned ut haha

2013-02-06 @ 22:20:27

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