Chocolate sauce burger and chocolate dip fries

Exactly as the title says, I just had the strangest burger. The burger chain Lotteria has a February only deal when they're serving this burger with chocolate sauce inside (also a mustard dressing, what the hell?). They also serve French fries with a chocolate-sauce filled biscuit tart to dip in. And of course I had both, I can't let this weirdness pass me by. I even considered ordering a chocolate milkshake for it, but realized in the final moment it was over the top so I just had a strawberry one.

Let me say... Well, it wasn't utterly disgusting. Remember the chocolate chips I had before in Kobe? Well, those worked together better, but I mean, it was edible. Maybe not the brightest of all flavor combinations, but a fun valentines month thing to dare people with I guess. 

Another special thing is that this is the only burger I've bought except for McDonald's cheeseburgers (also tried Teriyaki and prawn burger here in Japan, once) and I have to say that Lotteria knows the deal. Between the bread and mustard dressing (and very artificial chocolate sauce) was a breaded chicken piece so juicy the liquid just overflowed when biting. Screw all those dry beef patties and chicken breast burgers, this is the shit. It was a epic sight in between the weirdness, I'm still not into burgers but bring me another strange one and I'll eat it.


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