Stomach pains, leg pains, shoulder pains

Woke up today and felt like living hell. Backside of my legs were so sore that I seriously almost couldn't stand up, even less walk. My shoulders was hurting, but the worst was my stomach. I was at hospital for four days in December for acute stomach pains, which later was shown to be caused by some virus. I woke up around 7am today with same kind of pains, and all I could think about was just why, oh whyyyyy.

It took away my appetite completely, and first around 7pm I managed to get myself some soba noodle soup. I'd probably eaten earlier if it wasn't so that my body was completely trashed and hurting everywhere. Anyways, stomach a bit better now (still not good though) and I just hope it'll be going away for tomorrow. Japaneese people, well me too, seems to love undercooked eggs. That might maybe be a reason, but then lots and lots of people here would get sick all the time no?

Since I stayed in coma inside today, I don't really have any pictures to show you, except the soba noodle picture. I give you pics from Monday jan 20th instead, enjoy!

Tomato ramen soup!

Soba noodle soup with raw egg and spring onions.


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