Kyoto, mochi in my brain

Went to Kyoto on a day-trip. We went to shrines where I swung a rope and wished for life satisfaction and beer (the others did the whole procedure with writing papers and good luck charms, I was too lazy). After wishing, we went straight to a sake destillery and tried 4 different kinds. Gosh, sake is niccceeeee. The factory was closed so I couldn't see the procedure unfortunately, but at least I bought myself a very cute bottle for home :)

Blood levels was low after these hours of walking and eye-shopping  so it was Mochi times!!!!! Anko (sweet red beans), green tea ice cream, dark syrups, green tea soup, mochi (balls made of mashed sticky rice) ohmygod. Sugar sugar sugar! More sugar please, my diet has changed from my European one so now I increase my carb intake and lower the fat. High carb low fat.  Not that I follow a diet or so, I just happen to eat like this here.

So, desserts first and then..... Yakitori Izakaya! Basically we went to an izakaya and ordered many different small dishes of skewed chicken parts. Had some heart and liver again. Loads of beer for that aswell (everything was 280yen each!!). We then left Kyoto, I continued to a Spanish meeting/party and went later to a club in central Osaka. Closest to party I've been to, normal clubbing-dancing-drinking like in Malta. Smiling and having fun, finally some dancing goddamnit.

Maiko's house!

Pickled vegetables tasting

Most beautiful restaurant entrance ever


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