Eat some chocolate please

Oh hi - eehhhh I'm soooooo sorryyyyy ;_; My best friend came over from Örebro and I just forgot everything that has with drawing to do. So no, I did not finish the last drawing I showed you guys hehe... We've been baking, playing ps3 and drinking wine. He's the first friend I've brought over for a veery long time, I've turned into some kind of hermit since.. a while.

I don't really have something relevant to give you guys, I just wanted to show that I'm still
alive. So here's a irrelevant picture of my praline crafting last christmas :D Doesn't it look nice?

Postat av: Jasmin - Drömmen om att bli en designer och är Halmstads största blogg.

Hejsan sötis hur har din dag varit hittills? :)

Checka gärna in min kategori "jag syr" och tyck till! :)

2012-01-29 @ 16:56:31

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